Additional Tips

Of course, if you have not arrived to the city by airplane and are not staying at a hotel you have a number of options to search yourself. The best place to start is searching online. If you are forced to undertake the online search you should start by checking where the service is located. When you search for limo services online you will always be shown the options of the companies google-485611_1280(1)that pay the most to be at the top of the search engines. These companies may not actually be local to your location and will often charge you even more to come and collect you and deliver you to your location. Once you have identified a few firms that are close to where you are staying or close to your destination you should always call them and ask about pricing and availability. Always try and book your limo in advance and ask if there is a pre-pay discount, this has two advantages, it will often work out cheaper for you to use the limo and also mean that you do not have to exchange any cash with the driver except any tip that you may chose to give after the journey. Always be aware, there are some companies online which are not limo services but are rather agents that find you a limo. Avoid these at all times, they will charge you extra and cannot grantee the price or the level of service that you will receive. If you cannot find a limo service online due to the number of paying companies that place themselves at the top the search, you should reach out to the local tourist information in the city. They have a free phone number and also have several locations around the city, the tourist team will always be willing to help you although it may take a little longer to find one this way, the team will always be willing to help you.